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Reimagined for the Modern Learner

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World-class content from the global leader in eLearning is here. We’ve redesigned our learning content with the modern learner in mind. Shorter. Smarter. More engaging. More impactful.

We get it—you need amazing eLearning content that inspires ALL your people. Courses broken up into bite-sized pieces that fit seamlessly into the workday, letting people solve problems and move forward. Resources that deliver great learning outcomes and keep your staff coming back for more. Material that can stand on its own or fit into larger, more structured programs.

Not all learning content is created equal: certain treatments work better for some concepts than others. We’ve applied different treatments depending on the complexity of the content —scenarios, animations, conceptual graphics, “how-to” demos and more—where each works best.

Meet the new Skillsoft courses:

Scenario-based courses

For complex interpersonal topics, we’ve adopted a scenario-based format. A narrator introduces topics and characters, then a scenario shows learning in action. The narrator reiterates and reinforces what’s happened in the scene.

People-based animations

For simpler behavioral topics, we’ve developed people-based animations. Different characters demonstrate the core concepts, then showcase how to apply the tips and tactics presented. Energetic graphics keep learners focused and reinforce key concepts.

Conceptual graphics

For more theoretical topics, we’ve combined simple, appealing conceptual graphics with upbeat music to keep learners engaged. You’ll see this approach for PMBOK certification prep, operations management and learning that focuses on processes more than people.

Panel discussions

No more lengthy videos of talking heads! Subject matter experts offer brief insight, then a panel discussion explores the topic in greater detail from different perspectives for a more balanced and engaging learning experience.

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